Godox Lux Senior Flash – Street Portraits and First Impressions – by Sroyon

Last month we reported on the release of two new Godox flashes with a distinctive, retro look: the Lux Senior and Lux ​​Junior. I like using flash, and I like Godox as a company – I own two Godox flashes (TT600 and TT350) and an X2 wireless trigger. So when they offered to send us … Read more

The Joy of Small Prints – by Sroyon

Big photographs are impressive. From 1950 to 1990, New York’s Grand Central Terminal had a changing display of 60×18 feet (18×5.5 m) backlit transparencies. This display was a Kodak advert – the iconic Colorama series, described as “the world’s largest photographs”. In 2006, six photographers converted an aircraft hangar into a pinhole camera, creating an … Read more