30 Drone Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make When Shooting Video

30 Drone Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make When Shooting Video James DeRuvo July 10, 2022 Blog Flying a drone is a lot of fun, and there’s no denying the great footage you can get with one. From smooth and buttery tracking shots to orbiting shots, or even following a subject from a bird’s eye view, … Read more

Shooting the Anamorphic Sirui 50mm Lens is Like Shooting a Digital X Pan

In the world of film cameras, very few pieces of kit have weathered the perfect storm of factors that has made the Hasselblad X Pan one of the priciest classic cameras. The panoramic frame size of 24x65mm is unique, it has high quality glass, and there’s a certain expectation that comes with the Hasselblad name … Read more

Shooting Gigs – Pushing The Boundaries of B&W Film – By Tom Schulte

I might say, pushing the boundaries of film in this case is more like returning to its roots. When rock ‘n roll and hard bop burst through the famed and now widely regarded as the golden age of music, that is, 50s-70s, the highest ISO film available was around 400-1000 (B&W of course). It’s difficult … Read more

Why is Shooting with a Smartphone So Deeply Unsatisfying?

The smartphone is perhaps the single most important device in history, wresting the power of news and journalism back into the hands of the everyday person. Data communication is the key enabler, but the camera — more than anything else — slakes the thirst for instant visual gratification. So, why is he shooting with a … Read more