Sirkhane Darkroom Fundraiser: Mobile Darkroom School for Children near Turkish-Syrian Border and Iraq

Serbest Salih, a photographer from northern Syria, opened a mobile analogue photography school for vulnerable and underpriviledged children in south east Turkey, close to the Syrian border in 2019. Now his school, called the Sirkhane Darkroom, is seeking to expand its programs and workshops through a fundraising campaign. The aim of the campaign is to … Read more

Film School Goes Bankrupt Room for Raising $410K on Kickstarter

Steve Giralt’s The Garage Learning film school raised over $410,000 on Kickstarter in 2020. But now, just under two years later, the business has filed for bankruptcy as the idea “did not work as planned.” Giralt, a New York City-based director, visual engineer, and founder of production company The Garage, launched Garage Learning as a … Read more