Ricoh Mirai & Olympus AZ-4 Zoom Review – Fraternal Twins

Ah the 1980’s when cars and cameras still had edges and when certain camera companies had the courage to design and produce unusual cameras. Case in point are these fraternal twins: the Ricoh Mirai and the Olympus AZ-4 Zoom. I think the design goal was quite clear: design a compact, high quality camera with a … Read more

Ricoh WG-80 Review: A Tough Camera in the Wrong Line of Work

The Ricoh WG-80 is an interesting prospect since it features a highly-durable construction that’s exceedingly waterproof and crushproof, plus it has the ability to optically zoom and shoot macro photos. On paper, there is a lot to like. Point-shoot cameras priced in the few-hundred-dollar dead yet, and they’re not-and-they are coming in the form we … Read more