Laowa 58mm f/2.8 Macro Lens Review: Impressive, Affordable, Versatile

Hot off the heels of the 90mm f/2.8 2x Macro APO lens, Venus Optics has released another Laowa macro lens for mirrorless cameras in the 58mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO cameras, which is arguably more versatile and therefore more appealing to general shooters . While similar in design and features to the 90mm version, … Read more

Chroma Cameras Double Lens 24mm f/11 Prototype Sneak-Peek Review

As many readers will already know, I like a simple lens. The Chroma Double Lens 24mm f/11 is certainly a simple lens, and I definitely liked the idea of ​​it when Steve first waved it under my nose. So much so that I convinced him to send me a prototype to play with. If you’ve … Read more

DJI Avata Review: A Durable, Easy-to-Fly, Entry-Level FPV Drone

DJI is known for innovating and pushing the drone market forward, but with the Avata, the company is instead doing the opposite and paring down features into a drone that works best for an entry-level pilot. With the DJI FPV drone launch last year, DJI created something new in its lineup. This year with the … Read more

Laowa 12-24mm f/5.6 C-Dreamer Review: Not Quite a Dream

Venus Optics has continued to expand on an already extensive list of ultra-wide-angle lenses with the addition of the Laowa 12-24mm f/5.6 C-Dreamer for full-frame mirrorless systems. Where many ultra-wide lenses can be big, bulky, and incredibly pricey, this new “slow” lens becomes even more impressive with its relatively small $649 price. While the entry-level … Read more

Ricoh Mirai & Olympus AZ-4 Zoom Review – Fraternal Twins

Ah the 1980’s when cars and cameras still had edges and when certain camera companies had the courage to design and produce unusual cameras. Case in point are these fraternal twins: the Ricoh Mirai and the Olympus AZ-4 Zoom. I think the design goal was quite clear: design a compact, high quality camera with a … Read more

Sigma 20mm and 24mm f/1.4 DG DN Review: Top Lenses for Sony E-Mount

Sigma’s two newly introduced wide-angle lenses are going to impress a lot of people with their large apertures and reasonable prices. Sigma is making these two lenses available in either Sony E-mount or Leica L-mount varieties. For this review, I used the Sony E-mount versions on a Sony Alpha 7R III. Build Quality Weighing one … Read more

Kodak Ektar H35 Review – Cheap Thrills with a Very Simple Camera – By Eric L. Woods

Full disclosure: The Kodak Ektar H35 is right up my alley. Why? I like inexpensive, minimalist, rudimentary cameras. This usually consists of older, low level gear like your odd Argus or Russian knockoffs. I had an Argus C3 and still have a C4. I currently have a few FEDs including a 2 and 5C and … Read more