Grocery Store Development – ​​Part 2: Developing with Caffenol (and Salt) – Bu Josh Vickers

After my success with reversal processing, I wanted to try my hand at making a homemade developer. Caffenol was the obvious next step, and I, being a temperamental machine fueled and lubed by large amounts of coffee, had certainly run across the idea of ​​developing film in caffeic acid. But I had never felt ready … Read more

Analogue Adventures – Part 5: Silbersalz35 Films

Introduction Silbersalz35 500T A small company with the name of Silbersalz35 from Stuttgart is offering repacked Kodak Vision 3 cinema film to be used in ordinary still photography 35mm cameras. They offer four different films: 50D, 200T, 250D and 500T which I all tried. There are some quirks – but also a lot to like … Read more