Making Artemisianol, My Search for Big Sagebrush – By Sonny Rosseberg

I’ve mostly had pretty good to medium luck using seaweed, specifically, as a film developer, but I live bladder wrack in Reno Nevada on the western edge of the Great Basin, bladderwrack for seaweed developer is just not that readily available out here. I thought that maybe I should try to make developer out of … Read more

Making 4×5 Slides using a Sepia Toner Kit – By Andrew Smale

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to a project that was started by Dave Whenham (@eland_in) and John Martin (@TEMLIGHTIMAGES). The project is passing a homemade 4×5 pinhole camera around some invited contributors, who each use the camera and submit the results as content for a zine. When I agreed to … Read more