What Film Stocks Sell The Most? | The KEH Tilt-Shift Report

Welcome back to the KEH Tilt-Shift Reportwhere I share exclusive data and unique insights into the latest trends in camera gear buying, trading, and selling. Previously, I shared what camera gear sells the fastestI looked at what happens to an item’s value with the release of a new versionand I revealed the condition of most … Read more

Film School Goes Bankrupt Room for Raising $410K on Kickstarter

Steve Giralt’s The Garage Learning film school raised over $410,000 on Kickstarter in 2020. But now, just under two years later, the business has filed for bankruptcy as the idea “did not work as planned.” Giralt, a New York City-based director, visual engineer, and founder of production company The Garage, launched Garage Learning as a … Read more

Where to Buy Film in 2022

The delayed gratification of film photography pays dividends. While computers speed up the process incredibly, digital photography remains mere data until printed. Film photography rewards photographers with the tingle of suspense, a purely mechanical workflow, and tangible results on physical film. It’s a great idea for serious photographers to experiment with film at some point … Read more

New Half-Frame 35mm Film Camera from Alfie Cameras – Call for Beta Testers

Film photographers will soon be able to take part in a Kickstarter for a special new high-quality half-frame 35mm film camera that will allow them to extend the life of their now costly 35mm film rolls. That camera is the Alfie Tych. The self-funded Alfie Tych half-frame camera, which includes multiple lenses, is designed and … Read more

Film Photography and a Political Studies Course – By Milosz Jerome Cordes

Before moving to Denmark in July 2021, I spent 9 years working in the Polish diplomatic service. I was posted to Brussels, Malta and Kaliningrad. While working in Russia, analogue photography became my main hobby, given the challenging state of Russia-West relations and limited possibility to involve in other activities. Already as a diplomat, I … Read more

Grainery – The Story of a New Social App for Film Photographers – By Molly Kate

A new social app has launched, but this one is specifically for film photographers. The user funded app, called Grainery, looks and functions much like Instagram but with features tailored to the analogue community. The best part? No ads. The developer is Kyle Johnston, a native New Yorker turned Greenville, South Carolina, USA resident and … Read more