With the redevelopment of the future ex-Olympus, renamed OM Digital Solutions, many are expecting and hoping a new version of the excellent but past Olympus Pen-F digital camera model. It is impossible to forecast anything solid about this potential new photo device but, if it is the case, we can only presume that continuity will … Read more

BACK & FRONT THE (COMPACT) CAMERA WITH DANIEL M : The Panasonic Lumix G95 / G90: Back to basics!

Many of us have a special affection for the Panasonic Lumix MFT products. Their functional esthetic reminds me all these German designs of the begin of the 20th century with simplicity, durability, and efficiency as essential characteristics of their products. Nothing flashy except maybe for the connoisseurs. But I must add that the different Panasonic … Read more

BACK & FRONT THE (COMPACT) CAMERA WITH DANIEL M : Stories behind the pictures

We know this adage saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and everybody agrees about the impact and the multiple signifiants contained in a photograph. But there is also a story behind all these visual testimonies that were not possible without a personal involvement and a contextual set-up. And it goes as far as … Read more