Chroma Cameras Double Lens 24mm f/11 Prototype Sneak-Peek Review

As many readers will already know, I like a simple lens. The Chroma Double Lens 24mm f/11 is certainly a simple lens, and I definitely liked the idea of ​​it when Steve first waved it under my nose. So much so that I convinced him to send me a prototype to play with. If you’ve … Read more

Best Disposable Cameras in 2022

Once a staple of photography for the general populace, disposable (or “single-use”) cameras have become something of a niche — most people who never stopped shooting film or those younger audiences who are coming to it for the first time choose to use an affordable SLR or point and shoot camera. The image quality is … Read more

New Half-Frame 35mm Film Camera from Alfie Cameras – Call for Beta Testers

Film photographers will soon be able to take part in a Kickstarter for a special new high-quality half-frame 35mm film camera that will allow them to extend the life of their now costly 35mm film rolls. That camera is the Alfie Tych. The self-funded Alfie Tych half-frame camera, which includes multiple lenses, is designed and … Read more

Konica EE-Matic 260 & Ilford Sportsman C – Reviving two Instamatic Cameras – by Tobias Eriksson

The Instamatic cameras are anachronisms. The bloated cameras are detested plastic garbage these days. The film format they were designed for is not manufactured any more. Did conditions like that ever stop me from using cameras? I’ve chosen these two cameras – Ilford Sportsman C (below) and Konica EE-Matic 260 (above) because I like the … Read more

The Cameras That Helped Shape the Mirrorless Revolution

Many of us who have been around since the transition from film to digital have been the beneficiaries of innovations in camera technology. It’s been around two decades of growth in the right direction. While some companies have seen setbacks in the megapixel race, others have contributed more than their fair share of new advancements. … Read more

Buy Panasonic HC-V785 Camcorder – Campkins Cameras

The Panasonic HC-V785 Camcorder is a Full HD camcorder with 20x optical zoom and HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie technology that delivers bright, detailed shots even in low lighting. With a highly sensitive BSI MOS Sensor, 4-drive lens system and 5-axis hybrid OIS, the V785 incorporates the high-end specs of first-rate units into a compact … Read more

How OM Digital Torture Tests its Weatherproof Cameras

Earlier this year, OM Digital launched the OM-1, which earned the highest weatherproof rating of any camera on the market PetaPixel was given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at just how intense the company’s torture testing is to assure this unmatched rugged design. Formerly Olympus, OM Digital designs its cameras to withstand far more of the … Read more

1 Sunset, 2 Mediums, 4 Cameras – By Charlie Bierwirth

In the digital world we live in, many people ask “why film?”. It’s something I asked myself when I first started this great hobby just three years ago. Once I started shooting film I quickly found that there was a distinct difference. I’m an engineer so naturally I over-analyze nearly everything; photography is no different. … Read more