Minolta Hi-Matic E – Minolta’s ‘Difficult’ Second Electro Camera – By Bob Janes

The Hi-Matic E (previously also reviewed by Hamish here) is a Minolta rangefinder with a Rokkor lens. The lens is a 40 mm f/1.7 lens of six elements in four groups. The same specification has been used in other much sought after Minolta rangefinder cameras, like the Hi-Matic 7sii. The Minolta Hi-Matics have history. John … Read more

Canon EOS R3 vs Sony a1 – Flagship Camera Comparison

The latest mirrorless flagships are all capable of recording advanced video, including things like raw or even 8K. Each one is unique and offers its own set of features that might make a decision a little tougher. Today we are going to take a look at the offerings from Canon and Sony, the EOS R3 … Read more

Polaroid’s The Button is a Surprisingly Good Instant Camera

There’s no shortage of Polaroid instant cameras from the pre-bankruptcy era. Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, especially, the local-to-me brand from Cambridge, MA produced over 40 models for the average non-professional photographer. Most of these similar models were actually identical in specification, they simply differed from each other in name, color way, or the marketing … Read more

The Biggest Camera Manufacturer in the World Is… Fujifilm

It’s a strange twist of fate that the company that rivaled Kodak in film manufacturing but currently makes very little of its money from the camera business should now be the largest camera manufacturer in the world. However, before marveling at the technical merits of the X and GFX Systems, ponder that it’s actually Fuji’s … Read more


With the redevelopment of the future ex-Olympus, renamed OM Digital Solutions, many are expecting and hoping a new version of the excellent but past Olympus Pen-F digital camera model. It is impossible to forecast anything solid about this potential new photo device but, if it is the case, we can only presume that continuity will … Read more