GoPro Announces Hero 11 with More Features Than Just a Dot Upgrade

GoPro announced today that the 11th generation of their iconic GoPro Hero action camera. And in doing so, brings more even more tools for content creators to craft professional-grade videos on the move. No matter what platform they are shared on. Image Credit – GoPro The GoPro Hero 11 is capable of shooting 10-bit color … Read more

What is the Best Budget Cine Prime Lens Set + Test Footage

If you are an independent filmmaker looking to build up your own kit, you likely have one major factor to consider—budget. Cinema gear costs money. A lot of money. Fortunately there has been a huge push over the past decade to make high-quality equipment much more affordable. Being spoiled for choice isn’t always the easiest … Read more

How to Build an ARRI ALEXA 35 Production Set from Scratch

It isn’t often that ARRI announces a new camera system but everyone needs to pay attention. The ALEXA 35 marks a generational leap in functionality and image quality for a company already at the top of the class. It’s truly impressive and it shows why ARRI is a popular pick for top-tier filmmaking productions. Coming … Read more

Sony a7 IV vs Fujifilm X-H2S Side-by-Side Comparison

Among the past year’s biggest releases was the Fujifilm X-H2S. This is a huge improvement over its predecessor, especially for video shooters. Fujifilm definitely caught up in terms of specs with the competition and it is a very compelling option for video and photos. It is still an APS-C camera and a lot of people … Read more

M2 MacBook Air vs $15,000 Mac Pro for Video Editing

New chips and new MacBooks mean a lot of testing is on the way. This one seems fun though, taking the new M2-equipped MacBook Air and pitting it against the super pricey and (supposedly) ultra-powerful Mac Pro. In theory this shouldn’t even be a contest and once you factor in price you wouldn’t think it … Read more

Sony a7S III vs FX3 vs FX6 vs FX9 – Which One to Pick?

Sony has a fully fleshed out lineup of cinema cameras at this time which they sensibly call the cinema line. This includes all the FX-series options plus the VENICE 2, though for most of us the FX3, FX6, and FX9 are more likely to find a way into our personal kits. If you are looking … Read more

30 Drone Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make When Shooting Video

30 Drone Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make When Shooting Video James DeRuvo July 10, 2022 Blog Flying a drone is a lot of fun, and there’s no denying the great footage you can get with one. From smooth and buttery tracking shots to orbiting shots, or even following a subject from a bird’s eye view, … Read more

You Can Now Download DaVinci Resolve 18 Public Beta 6

You Can Now Download DaVinci Resolve 18 Public Beta 6 Vlady Radev July 7, 2022 Blog Blackmagic Design has been rolling out incremental improvements to its flagship post-production suite DaVinci Resolve for years now. This just released software update is no exception. The latest DaVinci Resolve 18 Public Beta 6 adds support for Blackmagic RAW … Read more

DaVinci Resolve 18 Public Beta 5 Update Available to Download

DaVinci Resolve 18 Public Beta 5 Update Available to Download Vlady Radev June 25, 2022 Blog Even though the recently released Pocket 6K Pro G2 is not widely available yet, Blackmagic Design has already added support for the camera in the latest DaVinci Resolve update. Resolve 18 Public Beta 5 also adds the ability to … Read more

DJI Announces RS3 and RS3 Pro Gimbals Along with a Long Distance Transmitter

DJI has announced a pair of new gimbals to the Ronin line earlier today. The DJI RS3 and RS3 Pro have been designed to be easier to balance and calibrate, with a new auto-lock system, and that keeps your camera 20% more stable than the previous Ronin. Additionally, they have released a transmitter that can … Read more