Is DJI Avata good for beginner FPV pilots? Pros and cons (why I ordered one too)

Is the DJI Avata good for beginner FPV pilots? I’ll give you a hint: I already have a couple of dozen FPV drones but I still ordered one because it has unique advantages. However, it has significant disadvantages that you also need to be aware of. DJI Avata is a cinewhoop style drone for flythrough … Read more

Canon Rebel: A Guide to the Popular Beginner Camera Line

It’s been just over four decades since autofocus 35mm cameras have become a reality. In 1987, Canon had just released their first autofocus 35mm film camera called the EOS 650, with the EF lens mount and lightning-fast autofocus. It was a bold new design that many thought would fail, but the EOS and its successors … Read more