Instax Share SP-2 Review – The Joy of Instax – By George Griffin

It’s hard to believe but Fujifilm Instax cameras & film have been around for less than 25 years. This is a review of the Share SP-2 printer, released in 2016. The first camera, the Instax mini 10 was released in November 1998 since then Fujifilm has released many more Instax mini cameras along with the … Read more

“Half of the Photos are Blurred” – the Time I Nearly Gave a Client a Full Refund

I’ve just read an article on Digital Camera World about a couple in the states who complained about “irreversible distortion” in a family and engagement shoot. It reminded me of a time some years ago now when a similar thing happened to me. The article can be read here. The gist of the customer’s complaint … Read more

The Attraction of Wet Darkroom Prints – My Experience at Hidden Light LLC – By Floyd K. Takeuchi

For those of us of a certain age, no matter what the photo technology in our hands, we’re thinking of the output in terms of photographic prints, not pixels on a display. In my case, that’s because as bad a darkroom tech as I was in high school in the late 1960s and early 1970s, … Read more

5 Frames with the Zeiss (Ikon) Contina 1 (522/24) – by Simon Foale

One of the enjoyable aspects of sites like 35mmc, Emulsive, and other places where analogue photography continues to be explored and celebrated in the age of unrelenting advances in digital imaging technology, is the diversity of ways in which people impart value to old film cameras. For me image an important, though quality still admitted … Read more

The Game Called ISO – Taking Advantage of the EV System for Better Results – By Vlad Serebryany

For as long as I was shooting film, I had the same nagging problem: I wanted to shoot in the dark. My Dad – who gave me my first and his only camera Zorkiy with 3.5/50 mm Industar-22 – taught me not to even bother shooting at 1/30 sec or slower as the pictures would … Read more

Buy Panasonic HC-V785 Camcorder – Campkins Cameras

The Panasonic HC-V785 Camcorder is a Full HD camcorder with 20x optical zoom and HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie technology that delivers bright, detailed shots even in low lighting. With a highly sensitive BSI MOS Sensor, 4-drive lens system and 5-axis hybrid OIS, the V785 incorporates the high-end specs of first-rate units into a compact … Read more

Buy Hasselblad 907X 50C Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Uniquely modular, the Hasselblad 907X 50C Medium Format Mirrorless Camera is a medium format camera system meshing design elements from their classic film cameras with contemporary imaging capabilities from their digital era. The 907X 50C platform comprises the matched CFV II 50C digital back and 907X camera body, which work in tandem as a distinct … Read more

Buy Hasselblad X1D II 50C Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Continuing to take medium format out of the studio, the Hasselblad X1D II 50C Medium Format Mirrorless Camera is a sleek and exceptionally capable mirrorless camera, characterized by its thoughtful design and powerful imaging capabilities. This second-generation X System camera shows a revised and enhanced feature-set designed to quicken performance and make overall operation even … Read more