Canon EOS R3 vs Sony a1 – Flagship Camera Comparison

The latest mirrorless flagships are all capable of recording advanced video, including things like raw or even 8K. Each one is unique and offers its own set of features that might make a decision a little tougher. Today we are going to take a look at the offerings from Canon and Sony, the EOS R3 … Read more

How to Qualify for the YouTube Shorts Funds: Ultimate Guide

YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts as the game-changer for the short-form vertical video app platform topped by TikTok these past years. What makes the competition more challenging is that YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts Funds of $100 million to reward videos that can rise to the battle of creating the most viral 60 seconds clips … Read more

GoPro HERO10 vs Insta360 ONE RS vs DJI Action 2 Side-by-Side Comparison

No longer is the only choice in action cameras the GoPro. With DJI and Insta360 in the market with unique offerings you might have a long debate over exactly which model might be the best overall or the best for you. Right now we are looking at three main offerings: the GoPro HERO10 Black, the … Read more

Which Photography Accessories Are Still Relevant? | The KEH Tilt-Shift Report

Welcome back to the KEH Tilt-Shift Reportwhere I share exclusive data and unique insights into the latest trends in camera gear buying, trading and selling. Previously, I looked at popular legacy SLR lenses, listed our best-selling gear of 2021and explored whether zoom or prime lenses hold their value better. This time around, let’s tackle the … Read more

A New Generation of Photographers

Photography is inarguably an ever-changing landscape. The visual art created by a photographer and their camera gives the viewer a truly unique opportunity to genuinely look through another person’s eyes, to see what they see in a given moment. While we may have our personal favorites, we can only benefit from taking a look at … Read more


With the redevelopment of the future ex-Olympus, renamed OM Digital Solutions, many are expecting and hoping a new version of the excellent but past Olympus Pen-F digital camera model. It is impossible to forecast anything solid about this potential new photo device but, if it is the case, we can only presume that continuity will … Read more

Astrophotography Gear For Beginners | Spotlight

Shooting the night sky is a fun challenge for any photographer, and you don’t need expensive gear to get started. If you have access to clear, light-pollution-free skies, you can get good shots year-round with fairly inexpensive equipment. Camera bodies for astrophotography There’s not too many requirements for a good camera body for astrophotography. While … Read more