Why Lens Coatings Are So Important in Photography

In recent years, some lens designers have updated their lenses with new lens coatings. For instance, Pentax’s newest limited lenses feature an existing optical design with only a few improvements, including a better lens coating. When testing such lenses, reviewers generally agree that new lens coatings significantly improve the image quality (especially contrast and flare), … Read more

Sony’s Xperia 1 IV is the World’s First Smartphone with True Optical Zoom

Sony has announced the Xperia 1 Mark IV, a smartphone packed with features that put the needs of video shooters first but doesn’t hold much back for everyone else. It’s also the first smartphone with a true optical zoom lens that can shoot between 85mm and 125mm. The Xperia 1 IV is specifically tailored for … Read more

Veikk VK1060 Pen Tablet Review: Surprisingly Great for $50

When it comes to precision and professional image editing, nearly every working retoucher will tell you that a pen tablet is an absolute must-have tool, yet the entry cost of these tools can be a deterrent. Thankfully there are several entry-level tablets like the Veikk VK1060 that offer some professional-level features without breaking the bank. … Read more

Why 24-Megapixels is Still the Best Resolution

I believe in a happy medium, somewhere between too little and too much. Aristotle defended this view with his Golden Mean, the middle ground between excess and deficiency. Apply it to the pleasures of life, to your emotions, to your decision-making, and it makes practical sense. Even digital photography follows Aristotle’s wisdom. I recently found … Read more

In-Camera Proxy Recording: A Time Saver You Probably Don’t Know About

I know that the idea of ​​proxy recordings and how to create them in editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Divinci Resolve has been talking about a hundred times, but did you know you can generate them in-camera for even more time savings? There’s a feature that has been well known in the film … Read more